2010 Olympics          

St. Thomas
2010 Olympics





They Olympics have arrived in Vancouver.  Here is what we have seen.                                       2010 Olympic Aviation Pictures

                                                                                      Royal Canadian Mint Exhibit

                                    Olympic medal Silver                                                                 Paralympic medal back of silver

                                                                        Finland vs. Slovakia Bronze medal men's hockey

                         Opening faceoff                                                Empty seats                                     Team Finland celebrating victory

Teams shaking hands                                                               Final score                                     Victory ceremony

                                                                                                 Ontario Pavilion
                                                     Mike Weir Winery                                                                                 Cheesecake on a stick

                                                                             BC Place victory ceremony February 26
Men's aerials Gold GRISHIN, Silver Jeret                Belarus, USA, China flags                                  Women's Snowboard GS
Peterson, Bronze Liu Zhongqing                                                                                                   Gold medalist Nicolien Sauebreij, Netherlands






Sven Kramer of Netherlands with coach Gerard Kemkers after finishing first but being disqualified in the speed skating 10,000m.

Women's curling semi finals.  Canada vs. Russia                                          Freebies from Ocean Spray


Northern House

Ted Harrison Painting                                      Caribou                                                               Olympic Cauldron at night

Crowds at Granville and Robson

Atlantic House Food tasting

Feb. 18 Atlantic House PEI day
                                                                                                      Line up to get into Atlantic House

Free stuff.  Compliments of Tourism PEI

Feb. 15 A day on the town           
nomadcottages.com at the Yahoo pavilion                                          False creek Inukshuks

                     Alberta House  Caesar with bacon garnish                           Athlete's village.  Trouble making 'roo.   Full details

           Saskatoon Berry Tarts from Saskatchewan house                          Free chocolates and hot chocolate from Yahoo pavilion

Lining up to buy Olympic merchandise from The Bay.                                            Why shop when you can enjoy the flowers.

February 8
The Olympic Torch passes through Surrey.                    Signing autographs
                            Newton                                   Dominique Vallee(Freestyle Snowboarding)

      My first freebies from a                                                          Our tickets
          Corporate sponsor                                         Hockey, Curling, Speed skating

City of Richmond

Olympic Oval                                                       Miss Mao atop Lenin's head                             Inukshuk made from shipping containers








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