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What is Fractional Ownership?

It is just as the name implies...and more! You own a luxury vacation home, for a fraction of the costs, while enjoying all the benefits. You receive deeded title and exclusive use of your resort home for no 13 weeks per year. This deeded interest is yours to use, rent, sell, trade, or pass to heirs to create a legacy.

Benefits for new purchasers

Invest in a luxury recreational property for the same amount of money needed to purchase a much less appealing property on your own.
Pay only a fraction of the purchase price and ongoing costs.
Indulge in an exclusive asset with more space features and amenities with family, friends & business associates for a fraction the actual cost.

Ownership can be sold or transferred.
No maintenance worries.  Cleaning, landscaping, repairs and upkeep are done for you.
Not using your time, you can rent it out.




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